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Tips On Table Styling

Since the catastrophic year, we’ve been through is close to its end, people around the world are hoping for a brighter 2021, starting off with spending this festive period in style. There’s always something in the air when Christmas and New Years are hovering around the corner. Something that excites, reunites, and ignites. As the weather drops, and people get their coats and scarfs out, Pure Essence Luxe shares with you some tips on table styling for this festive time.

Table styling is particularly fun during the Christmas and Holiday period, as people host more parties and gatherings, filled with good food and beverages. In many areas of the world, this period is also when families reunite, creating a cheerful atmosphere.


Since Christmas can be associated with the colour of Red, utilize Red as much as possible. The plants below are known as Poinsettias. They are commonly showcased in homes during the Christmas season, adding some vibrancy and brightness. The colour Red also carries the significance of love, sexuality, and passion.

Decorating your table with flowers is ideal for those Christmas and Holiday season get-togethers with your loved ones. They only add some charm to an already-appealing festive living room.

Set The Mood With Candles

If there was one single element that can make or break the vibe of a party or gathering, it’s the lighting. It’s crucial to ensure your party has the right amount, color, and placement of lighting. 

It has the ability to change the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. Therefore, make use of some candle lights on the dining tables that you set, giving not just the table, but the entire living room a warm, festive feel. 

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