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New Year New Décor: The Art Of Home Improvement

Create a home primed to inspire creativity while cultivating closer connections and a calmer atmosphere using this classic self-care practice! Have a read to find out why home décor has become the tried-and-true formula to thriving in this pandemic.   

The new year is knocking on our doors. It brings with it an intense desire to re-energize and rejuvenate. And yet, with the rising numbers of covid cases in Dubai, there seems to still be a sense of gloom and doom lurking in the air, threatening to creep into the new year. Still, the wisest of us seem to be those that are not only embracing the new normal but those that are prioritizing their self-care amidst these unprecedented times. If you are looking to keep calm amongst the uncertainty of it all, we advise you to incorporate home decorating into your self-care regime. Get started with some of the tips below for a lighter and brighter new year.  

  1. Declutter, declutter, declutter!  

The first step to take is to clear the clutter. Set a goal to keep your space organized regularly, and you will see an improvement in your productivity and the overall quality of your life. Challenge yourself to keep your space clean on a regular basis and reap the benefits. That means no more hoarding. We recommend giving away and donating unused items. Consider putting away important yet less used items in storage, and make a habit of using organization accessories. The Stoic Man Bookends from Pure Essence Luxe make a spectacular statement piece, all while keeping your books meticulously organized. This is where style and function meet.   


Choose simplicity and elegance. Display only elegant decorations. 

Use stunning organisation accessories, such as our Stoic Man Bookends. 

Remember, the goal is to create a lighter and aesthetically pleasing home. We recommend keeping only beautiful and elegant décor on display. The name of the game is ‘quality over quantity.’ After all, the more minimalistic the aesthetic, the easier it is to support the balance of the space.  

 While it may be hard to say goodbye to your old items, keeping your end goal at the forefront of your mind will motivate action. That is to say, your dream of a decadent and luxurious home will help you work through your emotions.   


2. Create An Oasis of Peace  

Miss outside? Take control of the situation by making your home a haven of relaxation and tranquillity. You can use various elements to influence the attitude of any space. Play around with different elements to become a true expert in home decorating. Cast a spell of serenity using scented candles. It is no secret that scents are known to support mood regulation and memory. So, it is best to think wisely about the scents you use in your home. Let yourself be swept away into a sea of citrus with our iconic Summertime Saga soy candle for a calm mood-boosting effect.   

addicting fragrances

3. Pay Attention to Detail  


Beauty lies in the details. Foster a soothing atmosphere by using softer tones and comfortable textures. Adding more warm lights to your room creates a brighter, lighter and more inviting mood. Upgrading your home does not necessarily have to mean major time-consuming renovation projections. Often, you will find that the answer to your home improvement needs in home decorating. Minor changes do in fact, make all the difference in the world. It is wise to be mindful and put in that extra care and attention to detail.    


If you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, you should probably shy away from using darker colours, rough textures and poor lighting. Instead, try adding pops of your favourite colour to a neutral colour scheme. If you already have a vibrant colour scheme, it may be wiser to use neutral coloured décor pieces instead to add some balance. There is no one size fits all. Enjoy the process of figuring out what will work best for you. At the end of it all, you will feel at ease living in a space you’re proud of.

Add colourful elements, such as our striking Cobalt Blue Brushed Vase, to neutral colour schemes to add balance. 

Choose soft tone decor items, such as our artistic Daydreamers Trio, to add balance to a colourful space. 

4. Choose Bespoke Artistic Pieces  

Having a space that you’re proud of is guaranteed to increase your confidence. Too often does our home décor match with those of our acquaintances, simply because people are shopping from the same overhyped stores. But when you choose our bespoke art pieces, not only are you adding some charm to your space but, you won’t find the same item in your next-door-neighbors apartment. You can tell a lot about a person by their home decoration. Let your decor speak for you. 

Our advice is to add a few iconic statement pieces that’ll impress your guests. Not many can resist the crush-worthy collections of décor items curated by Pure Essence Luxe.   

We are available and happy to support you with your home décor needs all year long. We wish you a very happy new year.    

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