BlogHow To Setup Your Garden This Winter:

How To Setup Your Garden This Winter:

In many houses, the garden is the most prominent area of the house. In pleasurable weather, it’s often the part of the house where most memories are cherished and most family gatherings are held.


Gardens come in various different sizes, shapes, and styles. However, no matter what type of garden you have, it always pays off to design and set up your garden in the most optimal manner, depending on the experience you want to create in the garden. Pure Essence Luxe provides you with a couple of gardens set-up insights that could help you do up your garden a little better. 



Let the colours of nature around you appear more profound and vibrant to the human eye. In order to do this, avoid loud or bright colours when you select your garden furniture and decor accents. There should ideally be a reasonable level of contrast between the colour of the plants and trees and the colours of your pieces of home decor. 

Placement And Positioning Is Important

Keep in mind a few rules when planning and decorating your garden. Firstly, it’s important to know which areas of your garden are exposed to sunlight. This is because you can place your gazebo under the sunny spots and have more open spaces in shady spots. Secondly, based on the size of your family/household and your usual gatherings, plan the size and quantity of garden furniture you purchase and the positioning of it as well. 

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