BlogToken Of Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Token Of Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you are looking to woo your loved ones with exquisite gifts this valentine’s day, this one is dedicated to you. Pure Essence Luxe has curated a collection of their most beloved gifting solutions, a wonderfully rich selection of home decor accessories to express a true and touching declaration of love. This 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide features gift ideas for her and him, as well as loving gift ideas for family and friends. Whoever you have on your Valentine’s Day shopping list, we have got you covered. Have a quick read to explore the endless possibilities.  

1/ Cupids Tray

If you have ever taken a trip to Europe, then you are likely familiar with the overindulgent use of marble in restaurants, cafes and art museums. It is used freely and generously. Rightfully so. Sturdy yet graceful, elegant and classic, marble has charmed interior stylists and enthusiasts for centuries. The use of marble was popularized by the Ancient Grecians and Romans many decades ago. It has without a doubt transcended cultural and religious boundaries and continued to be revered as a luxurious and timeless material even in modern times. This fondness towards marble has been as enduring and limitless as true love itself. Indeed, marble is known to epitomize love and romance.  

Did somebody say chocolate covered strawberries?

Serve your significant other their favourite pastries or other delectable on this tray to design a truly romantic moment.

It is unsurprising then, that our Cupid’s Tray, which is expertly crafted from marble, earns a spot in our Valentine’s Day Gifts Collection. There is something undeniably ethereal about the white and grey marble used to craft Cupid’s Tray. The grey accents add some poetic drama to this elegant décor item. The rustic gold handles and smooth finishing enhance the timelessness of this piece.   

2/ Stoic Man Bookends

When it comes to matters of the heart, it seems that the most loving bonds are those nurtured by passion, devotion and perhaps just a pinch of romanticism. When an individual declares love, expresses appreciation, or confesses a desire of the heart, the world becomes more beautiful. In this way, love is an art. Naturally, we believe that any well-curated Valentine’s Day gift guide should pay homage to this. We knew that including an artistic décor element was essential. Enter – our Stoic Man bookends. A loving gift and décor item, with details designed to immaculate perfection, from the skilled artisans of interior home décor.   

This artistic décor masterpiece replicates the famous status, ‘the thinker’. Originally titled ‘the poet’, the iconic statue has been dubbed as a love letter to creatives: artists, writers, and lovers amongst others. The thinker is veiled with notions of romanticism – making this item a meaningful and sentimental valentine’s day gift. The French artist who created the statue confessed, “What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compress lips, but with every muscle of his arm, back and legs, with his clenched fists and gripping toes.” Our Stoic Man Bookends reproduces this immaculate detail, with awe-inspiring precision. Details demand attention. Stoic Man bookends make a loving gift for any individual with a passion for art, culture, and history.  

3/ Cobalt Blue Brushed Vase

Gifting your loved ones, a bouquet of roses or any other flower bouquet of their liking is probably a tradition as classic as the Valentine’s Day celebration itself. Gift your loved one a gorgeous vase alongside their favourite blooms for a more premium gift this year. Arrive at an elevated standard of gifting in your relationships with this simple trick: always pair a gift of flowers with a gorgeous new vase. Little details like this matter; it shows your significant other that you genuinely care. Such a gesture showcases your thoughtfulness; it says you are ready to go the extra mile to make your loved one truly feel cherished – a labour of love. 

A beguiling statement piece indeed.

A stunning vase to match your gift of flowers is what water is to life on earth: vital.

Our Cobalt Brushed Blue Vase combines the radiant energy of femineity, so visible in the lovely finishing and smooth lines, with a whimsical carefree style, captured by artistic blue brush strokes. It enlivens any interior space – ensuring that your loved one will get plenty of use out of the vase and appreciate its beautiful aesthetic.  

4/ Grandma’s Porridge Bowls

At first blush, you may think that Grandma’s Porridge Bowls is just another green bowl with a nice floral design, and you may feel dubious as to how this ended up on our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Grandma’s Porridge bowl is a sincere homage to tradition, it is a vessel beckoning nostalgia. The hand-painted design tugs at our heartstrings – delivering fond childhood memories of chilly winter nights spent at Grandma’s cottage home, devouring a nice warm bowl of porridge. The details may be askew, but we all have similar stories. Grandma’s Bowl is an emblem of that time in our lives, making it the ultimate sentimental Valentine’s Day gift for mothers, grandmothers, and any other loved ones who may have experienced those moments alongside us. Spread more love this Valentine’s Day by gifting two of these bowls to different people or one special individual in your life. Use code PURELOVE to get 10% off when you buy 2 pieces of Grandma’s Porridge Bowls. 

Handmade and hand-painted gifts are a lovely choice for Valentine’s Day; they feel more personal and intimate.

5/ Valentine’s Day E – Gift Card

Perhaps you are in a new relationship and unsure what to buy your significant other this year. Or perhaps you’ve come to learn how picky your spouse truly is. No need to fret – our Valentine’s Day E-Gift Cards are adorable gifting options. We will send the electronic gift card including your personalized message to your recipient via email or WhatsApp with a unique promotion code that will allow your loved one to buy any of Pure Essence Luxe’s accessories.  

As always, we guarantee free same-day delivery, complimentary gift wrapping and personalized messages upon request. We care about the details. More importantly, when you choose Pure Essence Luxe gifts, your valentine will appreciate and admire the details and the generosity you prove to have by shopping from the curators of luxury gifting.  


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